Singing for Fun

Mondays 1.00pm at Highgate

Tutor:  Tricia Astwood

Singing is medically proven to be good for you and your body.

It can teach you how to breathe correctly and it is also good for you emotionally, improving your sense of wellbeing.

One Group  member tells us:

What can I tell you about this Group – it does what it says on the tin!  Fun and laughter is what we have and sometimes too much and Trish has to remind us about the singing. What a great range and style of music we sing and variety for all. We have great friendship and care about one another amongst this group, keeping in touch if people are missing from a session. Singing makes you feel happy and lifts the soul. I’m sure we would all agree. If you feel down when you come in, you won’t when you leave. Did you know singing helps with the memory?  Songs can help you remember events and things you had forgotten,  Dementia studies are showing singing is having a great impact on sufferers of this problem. We now have the confidence to sing at Care Homes or when requested.   We are always open to new members. Come along and join us – you may surprise yourself!”



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