Mondays at 1.30pm to 3.30pm

at New Hope Church Hall, Warley Road, Highroad Well

Our Monday Art class is a relatively new group to High Five, having previously met for a number of years at Square Chapel in Halifax.  They were looking for a new home and we were pleased to help find them one in May 2018 at New Hope.  The class is facilitated by Jenny Garner and has a tutor, Don Myers, who attends on an adhoc basis.  We are pleased to hear the group are happy in their new home.  There’s still plenty of space for some more people if you fancy yourself as a budding artist, as it’s a big room they’ve got there.

Take a look at some of the work they’ve produced recently.

Art NH Work 2 May 2019Art NH Work 1 May 2019


Art NH Work 3 May 2019

Thursdays 12.30 at The Addy, Rye Lane

This is High Five’s long-established Art group,  a very sociable bunch of people and, at their own admission, they’re no “super artists” and they enjoy still practising, there are some very talented individuals as seen in some of their work  shown below.

Class members tell us their class room  has been recently refurbished by Network Centre’s new owners and that this has made a great difference to their comfort.  Many thanks to Sam Harrison of Newground for all her help and support over the transition period.


P1000048“This is a brilliant group of people laughing, joking, learning, with ages between 60 and 80.  We have plenty tea/coffee & cake and birthday teas served .  And, what a forum, – we never stop talking (as well as doing our Art).   Have I learned a thing or two (topics no object) – very educational.   Many of this group live on their own, so it is a lifeline to them for friendship, companionship and wellbeing.  We all help one another – some of us go every week to pick people up to ensure they can get there – how good is that?  Come and have a look, it may be just what you need.”