About Sue and her passion for Training

“The last five years have been an exciting time for me.  I began instructing a Zumba class on a wing, a prayer, one day’s training and a deep breath.  High Five did not want me to teach Zumba for them at that time, so I did it independently.  Then Age UK offered me a chance to do three days’ training in Gentle Exercise.  The financial writing was on the wall at the time for High Five at that point, as paying someone to teach this class was unviable (only 5 members), so I took over  teaching the class.

In 2013, I consulted Anne Cuthbert of Age UK and did Level 2 CYQ in Exercise to Music with YMCAfit and, quickly afterwards, Level 3 Adapting Exercise for Independently Active Older People and in 2014 Professional Fitness & Education (PFE).

I began to realise that I wanted to be more aware of how the body works and how I could help those who have complex physical problems, so I embarked on the Modern Pilates part of PFE and gained a Level 3 Diploma in teaching Pilates later that year.  I have consistently pursued any training with companies who believe in face to face practical, as opposed to those who do mostly on line.  I am a frequent attender at one-day or weekend courses (physiology, diagnostics, progressive matwork, and pelvic floor function & disfunction),  and in 2015 I did a 3-day course in First Aid at Work Level 3.

This year I’m attending a Postural Stability Instructor Course Level 4 qualification.  I have all my certificates if anyone wishes to verify my qualifications!  And who knows what comes next …”