“Them hear a choir sing, the music seem to come from afar”

High Fiver’s were you there? I’m talking about the Staying Well event at the new school on Springhall Lane. If you weren’t you missed treat.

Everyone was so friendly & welcoming. There was info about things you could get involved in or persuade your neighbour to try. The new school/Academy is a place worth seeing. Children sang for us & recited poems about Christmas. We were warmly welcomed by the head. Mmmmmm the food***It was a sight to behold & delicious, especially the spicy offerings.

There was chance to work with the falls prevention team or to try kurling if you haven’t already done so. Sue was there to do taster sessions of “Gentle” exercise. People were surprised that it was much more energetic & focus on prevention than they realised. Well you know Sue & all her enthusiasm!!!

We can truly say that a good time was had by all. A big thank you to the school; to Derek the caretaker who transported all the bags of equipment; to Vicky, Tony, Hayley & their teams & all the folk who contributed to the event. Oh ! and the choirs singing from afar were our own High Five singers under the inspiring baton of Tricia.

When is the next one?