The Famous Five’s survival guide

No you don’t need a map and compass to know where to go and what to do in High Five. We have newsletters. Leave us your email and we will send you one. We have our wonderful website. We are very proud of of that site. It has taken a lot of work to make it what it is(Thank you Margaret). We have a phone number and email address which you can find else where on this site. What we particularly want to tell you about is a second phone number. This is for finding out about Pilates and Gentle exercise. So there are many ways to access the Famous Five but do remember that we do go to bed and we may go to a concert–so our phones will not be switched on 24/7. Please leave us a message

Now I wonder if there is anyone out there thinking “I could manage a facebook or Twitter account for High Five”. Just dreaming! If we get any more into technology we will have to change our name to ifive. Now there’s a thought.

AND our new phone number for Pilates & Gentle exercise? 07964713926



Five on Fridays

We meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for all our inspirational, energetic & creative classes.

But Fridays, ah that’s another tale. About once a month we have a get together with a purpose. We have done 2 first aid afternoons with much merriment as well as learning; an afternoon on scams & frauds (very revealling) & we have a members only afternoon tea to come on Friday 20th May with a surprise activity. You can see pictures of the first aid on this website.

What’s to come?

We are fixing up the second part of the talk on scams. Someone suggested a session on healthy eating. Now there’s a mine field! Should we follow it with cream cakes Iced buns & tea?!! We can usually call on our choir to entertain us & lead us in some singing. How about something Scottish? Members if you have any good ideas find a committee member pin him in a corner & pass them on